Our Name

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People will ask where the name came from, "is it your name or nickname", "who is Grover", "is Grover here". The truth behind the name of GroVer Flavors is that it's not a person but two different places. Did you notice the upper case 'V' in the middle of the name? If you did there's your first clue.

The 'Flavors' part of the name has thrown many off. Some have come in thinking we were an ice cream shop or something within that sort. Well even though we do sell our popular GroVer's Sunday, we are not an ice cream shop, or at least not yet.

Once upon a time there were two business owners. Both are French Pastry Bakers with life experience in French pastries. Both are originally from Mexico. Now in Mexico they use a three letter abbreviation for their states. With that being said, here's the name scoop. One owner is from Guerrero (GRO) and the other is from Veracruz (VER), now put them together and we get GroVer.

GroVer's was originally opened with the idea of a modern French Pastry shop. Did you notice the whisk in our logo? A pastry shop with the addition of some modern salads and sandwiches. As you may notice today we're a lot more than just a pastry shop.

French pastries are full and rich in flavor and everyone unique. Some sweet, some rich in dark chocolate, some with fresh fruit. This is where the 'Flavors' part of the name came in.

Today we are a unique place to get a bite, as we are more than just a pastry shop. Today we have additional flavors to thrill you palate from traditional & modern American, Mexican specialties and Italian flavors. You can be certain that we will be adding even more flavors in the time to come. In the meantime you now know where our name came from and how it originated. So come join us for a flavorful Grover's treat!