“Let’s Taco About it”. There are many kinds of tacos and many different styles, but at the end of it all, Tacos are amazing. “corn or flour” The base essential ingredient of a taco. Corn tortillas are the traditional way to eat a taco and gluten free, but not a fan of corn, no worries we have flour tortillas just for you.

Tacos main focus is of course the meat! We started with 3 types of meat: Azada, Chorizo & Al Pastor. A few weeks later Al Pastor went away and Barbacoa took its place. Per customer request today we have all four types of meat.


An oven cooked beef that is cooked for 5 hours in adobo sauce giving it a very flavorful and juicy taste. The meat has the texture of a juicy pull meat


Azada is a thin steak style meat that has been tenderize and seasoned to give it that rich grilled flavor. This meat is grilled and chopped in small pieces.


This is a Mexican pork sausage marinated in mild spices (not hot). With the help of one of our new chef’s we are now making our own chorizo in house. Per customer reviews, “it’s the best chorizo in the Des Moines Metro”. It must be since we use high quality ingredients, because taste matters.

Al Pastor

A marinated pork meat in dry chilies, species & pineapple. This meat gives you a mild spice with a mild sweet taste of the pineapple. This meat is very rich in flavor.

Tacos are a traditional Mexican dish and in today’s world we have evolved the simplicity of a taco and upscale it to deferent levels. Which is why at GroVer Flavors we give our customer two tacos style; Traditional or Modern. But if a customer wants to mix up the style and make it their own, we won’t stop you. Join us every Taco Tuesday for a great bite.